I absolutely LOVE to focus on three things when it comes to helping entrepreneurs rise to the top: social media marketing, graphic design and virtual assistance. As one of the top online marketing rockstars, I know what it takes to connect you with your desired audience. I can help you start, monitor and influence the conversation surrounding your business, because your business is being talked about online whether you know it or not!


10 Ways to Promote Your Blog after You Hit Publish

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Creating your blog content is only half the battle when it comes to getting traffic or gaining revenue from ads.  Once you hit publish, the next step begins, which is promoting your blog and driving [...]

You Signed Up To Be A Direct Sales Consultant Now What?

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Direct Sales Consultant opportunities have been around as long as there have been door-to-door salesmen. The approach has changed a lot since then, but direct sales offer many people the chance to experience the opportunity of [...]

Find Success In 30 Days Or Less With Your Social Media Marketing

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Finding the right social media marketing strategies can be time consuming & stressful! Not to mention most of the information out there doesn’t ever fully explain it all for you. I wanted to make it [...]